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iOS Project Log 11

Ah, end of semester is drawing near, and I’ve got a conference and an apartment relocation going on all in the last 2 weeks! eek! ok. Full speed ahead on this.

I copied the todo list from the previous log, and have crossed things out that I’m just don’t have time for now.

This with an X mean I’ve started and/or finished an item. Today’s work specifically meant struggling with Xcode and auto-layout.


Designers have sent me some UI assets, still waiting on level pieces for the actual maze. Working with what I have lying around.


  • X get hero graphics in,
  • animating properly.


  • Parse Json mazes
  • figure out how to parse image names in with the tmx file (maybe)
  • X Establish tile grid sizes – 70 x 70 or aspect 1:1
  • Create new sks mazes – working on this


  • X Start menu l
  • X Play button goes to first game level
  • X pauseSettings  scene – options don’t do anything yet.
  • X Credits scene – need to add links


  • may need to revisit this idea this summer
  • crop/mask
  • explore scenekit for enemies.


  • find bandura/mandolin/string sounds/chords for up/down/left/right audio – a friend has offered to synth some things for me.
  • tweak background music.
  • explore using SKaudio with UDLR sounds to help you know if you
  • are near/far from goal.
  • need hero movement sounds. perhaps some ambient ruins/castle sounds. Things sound stark.


it’s progress, right?

iOS Project Log 10

Ok, things are speeding up, Not sure If I mentioned that I finished the tutorial a few weeks back. I’ve since added code that add sounds for each direction swiped. The program also will play those sounds if your hero hits a wall, telling you which way you can go.

Artists are buzzing, send over new concepts and ideas. We’re meeting soon to go over things.

So much left to do, much of which is just up to me to work through, some of which may be prioritized differently day to day and depending on which assets i receive/need/have to make. :

  • Hero
    •  get hero graphics in,
    •  animating properly.
  • Parse Json mazes
    • figure out how to parse image names in with the tmx file (maybe)
    • establish tile grid sizes
  • or Create new sks mazes
  • Menus
    • start menu loading first
      •      get play button going to first game scene
    • pause overlay or scene
    • Credits scene
  • Illusions? may need to revisit this idea this summer
    • crop/mask
    • explore scenekit for enemies.
  • Sound
    • find bandura/mandolin/string sounds/chords for up/down/left/right audio
      • right now i have a computer voice just saying the direction.
    • tweak background music.
    • explore using SKaudio with UDLR sounds to help you know if you are near/far from goal.
    • need hero movement sounds. perhaps some ambient ruins/castle sounds. Things sound stark.

iOS Project Log 7


March 25th–26th, 2016

Not much happened project-wise, due to my attendance at CocoaConf Chicago.

I did meet a lot of fantastic people, and attended some very though provoking sessions on Swift. With time I hope I’ll be able to unwrap all the knowledge that I downloaded straight into my brain.

Some of the sessions I checked out were:

I also joined the Breakpoints Jam and played ukulele. 😀  (you can see me in the back next to the awesome Jean MacDonald.

iOS Project Log 6


Artists are out on Spring Break.

I did find some info on Ukrainian Castles. Hope that can inspire us.

I made some headway on sound design, deciding to focus on folk music.

Found an adorable lullaby about a sassy grey cat – and a YouTube video where I could hear it sung.  The link also had a midi version of the song, which I grabbed.


I found some other nice audio options at

Dream Passes By The Window CC – more info  Folk songs from over the Dniester captured Eugenia Yaroshinsky


Learned a bit about SKLabelNode

Initially, when I added a lives counter to the child node, I could not seem to make the custom font appear.

This link helped me realize i needed to make sure the custom font was included in the build phase for the bindle.

How to add a true type font to an iOS project



I’m still having some hero control issues. I kept going over my code, finding little things that seem to help, but not fix my problem. ah, debugging… I ended up using git to help me compare code to the example code.  Seems that I had some variables set as optional vs required, and vice versa.

A friend told me that many of my errors were symptoms of CopyPasta. I’ll have to keep an eye on that type of thing in the future.


So, after all this 7 hours of tutorial, several other hours of debugging and research, I realized that this project would be a good candidate to use the GamePlayKit features for the things I want to do.

2015 WWDC Intro to GameplayKit

GameplayKit DemoBots

At this point, I’m not sure if I’ll be using them or not. Either way, programming the basics by hand will understand a bit of what GameplayKit is offering. I’m trying not to get sidetracked and stuck in a loop of constantly reworking the foundations. I could push that further out on the timeline.

Completion is always of more value than perfection. 


My next goal is to start getting things ready/resized to work for iPad sized devices and the level art, as well as making some new maps, add a timer, and change out the sounds.


Here is a bonus  A movie called “The Guide”  recently was released at international film contests regarding Kobczars and Stalin.




iOS Project Log 5

Lots of things happened this week.


The artists are buzzing about with some on the general look and feel and our heroine design is also in the works.

We’re trying to use inVision for collaboration, but it’s new to all of us, so we’re learning all together. I copied lots of my mood board images over to an Invision Mood Board… it doesn’t work like Pinterest, but does some things that pinterest does not. My favorite invision feature for mood boards?  It grabs a color palette from each image!

Here is a character sketch of our Hero by E.M. Isn’t she cute!


and some colors from N.P.



I made a couple sketches to explain the concept, ie that the hero is basically rock climbing up a tower.

Crossing a bridge over flames.






More tower wall, with a dragon in a cavern underneath











I dashed off a brief wireframe for a common starting point. wireframe1.png

Research – Banduras, Kobzari

Since a lot of our inspiration is coming from traditional Ukrainian costumes, I searched for traditional Ukrainian instruments and came across a beautiful stringed instrument called the Bandura.

<a data-pin-do=”embedPin” data-pin-terse=”true” href=””></a>

<a data-pin-do=”embedPin” href=””></a>

This of course led me to wikipedia

Wikipedia: Bandura

Which led me to an amazing new fact:

Musicians who play the bandura are referred to as bandurists. Some traditional bandura players, often blind, were referred to as kobzars.

What?! This meant I hopped straight to the entry on the Kobzars

Wikipedia: Kobzars

In Ukraine, kobzars organized themselves into regional guilds or brotherhoods, known as tsekhs. They developed a system of rigorous apprenticeships (usually three years in length) before undergoing the first set of open examinations in order to become a kobzar.

Wikipedia: Preservation of Kobzar music

and this interesting list of recordings off off wax cylinders of actual Kobzar music! The recordings are rough, and the most popular ones are the roughest. Wax cylinder recordings degrade with each listen.


I’m 3/4 of the way through the maze games tutorial from CartoonSmart. I can load the maze and enemies from a json file, created by using Tiled. It’s a bit of a slog here in the middle, but I’ll push forward.