Ah, end of semester is drawing near, and I’ve got a conference and an apartment relocation going on all in the last 2 weeks! eek! ok. Full speed ahead on this.

I copied the todo list from the previous log, and have crossed things out that I’m just don’t have time for now.

This with an X mean I’ve started and/or finished an item. Today’s work specifically meant struggling with Xcode and auto-layout.


Designers have sent me some UI assets, still waiting on level pieces for the actual maze. Working with what I have lying around.


  • X get hero graphics in,
  • animating properly.


  • Parse Json mazes
  • figure out how to parse image names in with the tmx file (maybe)
  • X Establish tile grid sizes – 70 x 70 or aspect 1:1
  • Create new sks mazes – working on this


  • X Start menu l
  • X Play button goes to first game level
  • X pauseSettings  scene – options don’t do anything yet.
  • X Credits scene – need to add links


  • may need to revisit this idea this summer
  • crop/mask
  • explore scenekit for enemies.


  • find bandura/mandolin/string sounds/chords for up/down/left/right audio – a friend has offered to synth some things for me.
  • tweak background music.
  • explore using SKaudio with UDLR sounds to help you know if you
  • are near/far from goal.
  • need hero movement sounds. perhaps some ambient ruins/castle sounds. Things sound stark.


it’s progress, right?

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