Accessibility Resources

I work at a government/educational institution, which means we are required, by law, to provide a level of accessibility in all our communications, not just web pages, but other kinds of electronic communication.

I keep reaching for these links to share to colleagues. Hope they are helpful for you as well.


Health and Human Services

Color Contrast/Blindness

Free Browser Tools

Paid Tools

  • Site Improve Service – We have a subscription to this, and we have installed the Drupal Module as well.

Screen Readers

  • Chromevox – Chrome browser – Free
  • Guide Windows $795
  • JAWS Windows $1200-$900
  • Narrator – Included in Windows 10 operating system
  • NVDA Windows Free/open source
  • VoiceOver – Included in for Mac/phone/tablet Apple Operating systems.
  • WebAnywhere Browser based – Free
  • ZoomText Windows Magnifier and Screen Reader $600

Additional Useful Sites

Drupal + Accessibility