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iOS Project Log 2

Group Progress:

Our group project team has grown with the addition of a local super hero, and 5 designers. Most of us will meet on Thursday to get a feel for each other and start to figure out how we’ll work on the group projects and solo projects too.

My Progress:

I looked a bit at some iOS game books I purchased from the ebook sale at the end of last year. I started a post about those books in the post titled: Currently reading – iOS

Then I researched a little on OpenAL,which may be overkill, time will tell.

Started looking at a Mazes + Swift tutorial at Cartoon Smart. I hope to get a good base understanding of tiles, and level design, and some basic boundary and control management, and then build from there.

I did a little more brainstorming on how I might want to use sound.


  • Perhaps play a chord, with each tone relating to an open direction?
  • Add some audio mini games like Simon games, where you listen and repeat?
  • Use music to control the hero?


iOS Project Log 1

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