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About Face: Now Available!

I am so proud to present my latest book, About Face, a year of diverse portraits.


About Face books on table

Paging through About Face is the closest you can get to actually holding my sketchbook in your hands.

As you turn each page you’ll see both the front and the back of the portrait, where the ink and markers have bled through the paper.

Please enjoy the 43 portraits I’ve included in About Face, each one inspired by unique beautiful people who have volunteered their own photos as kindly muses via the iOS app.

About face, a year of diverse portraits is available now on

Win my new Raven Print

I have an ambitious challenge for June!

My goal, pay off the last of my student loans!!

Help me be debt free and get awesome original art, and the chance to win an ultra limited edition of my brand new linocut- Raven And Pomegranate!

Tiny Raven and Thumbprint Pomegranate

Print preview.

I’ve updated my new online shoppe with linoprints ranging from $20-$80.

Every purchase is an entry to win the new full size linocut I’m working on this month! I’ll be posting progress pictures all month as I carve and start printing.

Each purchase I ship out will also get a tiny echo of the full size print (see picture in this post). You may recognize this raven from my Wisdom of Trees print, he’s graciously decided to help me reward your kindness and patronage.

Each mini print will numbered and will feature a thumbprint pomegranate.

These minis won’t be available for purchase, they are a special thank you for everyone who helps me reach my goal this month in my quest to be debt free!

Want to be part of this amazing milestone in my life?

Buy a linocut today!


Gallery night thanks!

Stacie @ 100 state for gallery nightHeartfelt thanks to everyone who made it out to Gallery Night 2017 this month, and especially those who came by to visit me and my portraits. They’ll remain up at 100state until September.

I spent most of my time talking with people, meeting up with friends, checking out all the amazing art and flirting with the band. That means I got very few pictures of the event myself, but was actually engaged in experiencing it.

If you want to see more pictures of the event there are a few on Carlos’s Instagram and also a few videos of art in the space during gallery night.  Official event photos available soon.

Thanks again to 100arts for allowing me to be part of this years Gallery Night, and again to everyone who came by to say hello and see my art!

If you’re looking for a great co-working space in Madison you can join 100state and request the teal meeting room where my portraits are hanging. I hope you enjoy hanging out with them as much as I did while making them.

Please, feel free to send me pics of you taking selfies with my art in the background. 😀 Who knows, perhaps I’ll be inspired to make a little portrait from your picture, and we’ll have a little portrait-ception going on. 😀

Here are some examples:

Stacie beside the mermaid  Pleased looking Stacie stands in front of another framed set of portraits.


Gallery Night 2017

a handful of colorful illustrated portraits on a table.Come and see my art!

Gallery Night is May 5th, a Madison wide celebration of art and galleries with dozens of participating venues.

Here is the Gallery Night map of participating galleries. (pdf)

The 100state arts organizer liked my work at the Print & Resist show and invited me to share my series of portraits at the 100State ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood‘ show:

I’m showing 30 of my portraits inspired by photos.

My work will remain up in the gallery until September 1st.

There will be a reception with refreshments and live music at 100state on Gallery night.


Here are the event details

Hope to see you swing by,

Stacie Arellano

Artist Statement

Stacie Arellano is a Madison based graphic novelist and illustrator. Her About Face portrait series was created with Prismacolor markers on Leuchtturm1917 paper and inspired by photos submitted to

In addition to ink and marker illustrations, Stacie also hand carves Linoprints and makes prints by hand. Her graphic novel series, Tribute Waters, features a similar blockprint aesthetic, while being fully digitally created.

View her graphic novel work at and read thoughts on technology and art at

Advice for new contractors

Someone contacted me on LinkedIn a little while ago. They had recently been offered a contracting position at a marketing company I had once done some contract work for. They wanted to know about my experience working there.

I replied with some really basic things that new contractors/contractors in general should keep in mind. Then I realized that this information might serve more than just the smart person who reached out to me.

It never hurts to ask for more information. Either you get a response like mine, or a warning to avoid a place, or no response at all. It’s much nicer to know about possible gotchas in a new workplace ahead of time.

Here is my edited response:

Sure, I worked there briefly. The projects were interesting, the people were pretty positive, and the location is awesome.

(Parking was tough, bus or bike recommended)

If you have the opportunity to work there, I’d go for it.

Three caveats:

1) Get requirements in writing, including deadlines, check in weekly to make sure that those things have not changed.

2) Always use version control, even on projects you are the only one working on (crunch time may require more developers/helpers) You don’t want to fight CSS fires in the final hours of a project when you could have avoided it.

3) Make friends with the other developers, designers and PMs (Project Managers). I didn’t have much interaction with them, and feel like that made it more difficult for myself when things got stressful. I could have had more support.

That said, the project manager who set me up on my project left the company shortly after I started There was some communication hurdles around his transition, which caused me all sorts of issues.

It might be consulting 101 but in some places, like this marketing company, these three things were crucial. For me, starting out with 2 & 3 in mind would have made the biggest difference.

Good job on asking questions before accepting offers.

Feel free to use me as a knowledge contact if you need help in the future.


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