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(I’m a)Character Reference

I want to share something really amazing with you.

Early this year I backed a Jane Austen style Role Playing Game game called Good Society.

I jumped at the chance to become a NPC (non player character) or in this case an NPG (non player gentry). I sent off some pictures and some descriptions, and was so surprised to get an email this weekend showing off the final card (front and back)

Basically, I’m now a Jane Austen character that people can use as a friend, romantic rival, object of affection. People will choose my card to sit in front of them while they play.

I am super pleased with how well these came out!

Good Society Card, Side 1Good Society Card, Side 1Good Society Card, Side 1  Good Society Card Side 2

The artist is Aviv and the publisher of the RPG is Storybrewers.

The book and cards should be in people’s hands before Christmas, and I look forward to seeing how people like ‘Anastasia’ the ink splattered artist in their games.


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