I have an ambitious challenge for June!

My goal, pay off the last of my student loans!!

Help me be debt free and get awesome original art, and the chance to win an ultra limited edition of my brand new linocut- Raven And Pomegranate!

Tiny Raven and Thumbprint Pomegranate

Print preview.


I’ve updated my new online shoppe with linoprints ranging from $20-$80.

Every purchase is an entry to win the new full size linocut I’m working on this month! I’ll be posting progress pictures all month as I carve and start printing.

Each purchase I ship out will also get a tiny echo of the full size print (see picture in this post). You may recognize this raven from my Wisdom of Trees print, he’s graciously decided to help me reward your kindness and patronage.

Each mini print will numbered and will feature a thumbprint pomegranate.

These minis won’t be available for purchase, they are a special thank you for everyone who helps me reach my goal this month in my quest to be debt free!

Want to be part of this amazing milestone in my life?

Buy a linocut today!