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Brief Intro to Tile Maps, Spritesheets and Atlases


As part of our class this semester, we each gave a brief talk about an iOS related topic. Teacher Eric recorded the presentation, and gave us the videos. There was no expectation of sharing the talk with anyone else.

However, YouTube makes it far too easy to share things, so… here is the vid.  I’ve been playing video games since childhood and web developing for most of my career, I thought that was unique enough perspective to give a talk on.

PDF of talk

I found a typo while giving the talk, I’ll leave that in for you to enjoy as well.

Here are the links from the resource page.



iOS Project Log 10

Ok, things are speeding up, Not sure If I mentioned that I finished the tutorial a few weeks back. I’ve since added code that add sounds for each direction swiped. The program also will play those sounds if your hero hits a wall, telling you which way you can go.

Artists are buzzing, send over new concepts and ideas. We’re meeting soon to go over things.

So much left to do, much of which is just up to me to work through, some of which may be prioritized differently day to day and depending on which assets i receive/need/have to make. :

  • Hero
    •  get hero graphics in,
    •  animating properly.
  • Parse Json mazes
    • figure out how to parse image names in with the tmx file (maybe)
    • establish tile grid sizes
  • or Create new sks mazes
  • Menus
    • start menu loading first
      •      get play button going to first game scene
    • pause overlay or scene
    • Credits scene
  • Illusions? may need to revisit this idea this summer
    • crop/mask
    • explore scenekit for enemies.
  • Sound
    • find bandura/mandolin/string sounds/chords for up/down/left/right audio
      • right now i have a computer voice just saying the direction.
    • tweak background music.
    • explore using SKaudio with UDLR sounds to help you know if you are near/far from goal.
    • need hero movement sounds. perhaps some ambient ruins/castle sounds. Things sound stark.

iOS Project Log 9


Did a lot of research on how to mask out my illusion layer for the game. Still coming up with questionmarks.


Researched a way to quickly throw a repeating texture at things. Not something you get for free with SpriteKit. I’ve been advised to look at Scenekit for a solution.


I started stubbing in some basic screens/scenes using either quick random layouts or using assets from  My hope is that by showing my artists what I’m looking for they’ll be able to get up to speed and either modify or recreate some tiles in our style.

Pasted image at 2016_04_04 10_41 AM.png


Pasted image at 2016_04_09 01_34 PM.png


Shared a link explaining the basics of  how to make tile sprites for games.


Fashion reference



iOS Project Log 8

Post con funk 🙁

Oy, I picked up some bug at the conference and was pretty much too sick to do any substantial development.

Swift version updated, so I did start going through and removing the C style if/then loops, because I’m getting warnings now about their deprecation soon.

Some movement on design, the artists posted a brief wireframe (different from my earlier wireframe in Log 6) to our Invision project.

iOS Project Log 7


March 25th–26th, 2016

Not much happened project-wise, due to my attendance at CocoaConf Chicago.

I did meet a lot of fantastic people, and attended some very though provoking sessions on Swift. With time I hope I’ll be able to unwrap all the knowledge that I downloaded straight into my brain.

Some of the sessions I checked out were:

I also joined the Breakpoints Jam and played ukulele. 😀  (you can see me in the back next to the awesome Jean MacDonald.